2021 Admissions Results

Congratulations to our students on their 2021 admissions to colleges including:

University of California: Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara

Cornell, University of Delaware, Duke, Drexel, Fordham, Georgetown, Harvard, University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, Oberlin, Penn State, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, Rice, University of Richmond, University of Rochester, Temple, University of Vermont, Williams and more!

Admission Logic College Admission Counseling

Doretta McGinnis and Ned Luce, co-founders of Admission Logic, LLC, help high school students and their families navigate the college admission process from start to finish. They provide expert advice on every aspect of the process, including optimizing high school course selection and extracurricular involvement, creating an appropriate list of colleges, drafting college application essays, and applying for financial aid.  
Ned and Doretta have personally visited numerous campuses, where they have met with admission staff and students in the interest of helping their clients find the best fit. 
They also provide college counseling through nonprofit programs including Y Achievers and Strive for College.