Before founding Admission Logic, Ned and Doretta were practicing lawyers and law professors. Both graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School; Ned earned his bachelor’s degree at Brown and Doretta at Harvard. They now apply their experience in higher education, and the counseling and advocacy skills they developed as lawyers, to helping families and students with every aspect of the college admission process. Their students have been admitted to colleges including the University of Pennsylvania, Duke, Northwestern, Tufts, UCLA, William & Mary, and Kenyon, and have received substantial merit scholarships at the University of Pittsburgh, Lafayette, Howard, Morehouse and Case Western Reserve.
Ned Luce 
Doretta McGinnis  

My higher education began at Brown University.  I initially declared English as my concentration, but, stimulated by the study of varied cultures and belief systems, I switched to religious studies in my sophomore year.  As part of that concentration, I spent a semester studying in Bodh Gaya, India, which was an immensely rewarding experience.


After college, I entered law school at the University of Pennsylvania.  Upon graduating, I joined a Philadelphia litigation firm, where I often worked directly with the firm’s clients.  I also wrote scores of briefs, and focused on my writing like I never had before, even during those long, caffeine-fueled nights writing term papers at Brown.


After six years in practice, I joined the faculty at the Widener University School of Law (Wilmington), where I taught legal writing and several other courses.  Partly due to my experiences overseas, I was successful working with international students in Widener’s LL.M. program, so I soon became their academic advisor, and also assumed responsibility for international LL.M. admissions.  My advising and counseling role expanded a few years later, when I became an Assistant Dean of Student Affairs with responsibility for a large segment of the general student body.


I draw upon these experiences for the benefit of Admission Logic’s clients.  My entire professional career has involved advising and counseling, most of it providing personalized support for students to help them achieve their goals.  My passion for writing comes to the fore when I work with students on their essays, and I take an attorney’s strategic approach to the application process.  Finally, I understand the challenges of studying in a foreign country, and have worked closely with international students as an admissions officer, professor, and advisor, so I can help international students pursue higher education in the United States.

My work in college admission counseling is the culmination of my career in higher education. The experience and skills I developed as a student, lawyer, law professor and parent enable me to provide expert advice to students and families navigating the college admission process.
With an early interest in counseling, I earned an A.B. in Psychology at Harvard College.  After graduating I worked for several years in academic publishing, specializing in the development of standardized assessment and credentialing examinations.  I then pursued a J.D. at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where I served as a Legal Writing Instructor and as an editor of the Law Review.  I practiced labor and employment law at a major Philadelphia law firm before joining the faculty of Widener University School of Law (Wilmington) as a Legal Writing Professor.  At Widener I served as Associate Director of the Legal Writing Program and also taught courses in labor law and employment discrimination.  In addition, I chaired the Admissions Advisory Committee.
Throughout my career in higher education, I have helped countless students express their ideas clearly in writing.  My teaching style emphasized intensive individualized feedback and personal conferences during which I guided students toward improvement in organization, clarity and style – elements of writing as critical to college essays as to legal memoranda. 
As the parent of a college graduate, I understand the constellation of emotions – anxiety, excitement, pride – that surrounds the college admission process.  I am sensitive to the concerns and expectations that inform decisions about where to apply, where to matriculate, and how to fund a college education.